Fatima Marques was born in Sao Paulo in 1956 and since 2005 has been participating of Collective Exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, with several awards in her category. She participates and publishes her work through Galleries in Brazil and Europe, and has her works cataloged in art publications in Brazil, USA and Europe.

With great repercussion, she exposed her works in great halls and galleries of Paris, in France; in the United States; in Italy and in Portugal.

Participated, in January/2018, of the XII Biennale d’Arte Internazionale di Roma, having been awarded with the 2nd place of the Biennial - category Painting.


“I was born in Sao Paulo in 1956 and graduated in Business Administration by Sao Paulo University, having worked as Marketing Executive Officer at big multinationals companies, for over 30 years. Later I got fascinated by the world of arts, especially by the technique of great masters of oil paintings from the Renaissance and by the Surreal style. Over the years, I acquired my knowledge through international travels, art history courses and painting studios, where I could perfect the drawing, the techniques and the creativity. Despite my formation and career being at the Business Administration area, I never stopped painting.

The will to be a plastic artist came in 2005, after having participated in collective halls and exhibitions with the incentive from friends and family, who told me I had a very good work, whether from the creative point of view or from the technical one. From then on, even as market executive, I started to effectively invest in my potential plastic artist career, aiming to make it a profession in the future.

Strongly influenced by Renaissance and Baroque painters such as Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci and Caravaggio (as for technique), as well as by Contemporaneous (as for style) like Salvador Dalí, Carlos Araújo, Sérgio Ferro, Pierre-Jean Couarraze, Roger Suraud, Vito Campanella, among others. It was observing them and studying, that I reached my pictorial technique and my creative style.

I consider my style as Contemporaneous Figurative, with classical realistic technique of painting in oil on canvas and a thematic that I define as “Fantastic Realism” and that wanders among Classic and Contemporaneous.

The female thematic, trying to show the duality of the feminine soul is something that always fascinated me. For me, it is about a poetic vision about the feminine. I like to contextualize situations and places playing with past and present scenes and places. The water, that for me transmits emotions, is another element very present in my compositions.

My objective is “to talk” with the spectator, through situations that walk between the universe of the ancient and the current or between the interior and exterior, through the timeless figures, surreal emotions and sometimes poetic emotions. Therefore, I consider that my work is intrinsically associated with “feeling” and of poetically marked inspiration.

Anyway, I like to transmit emotions, feelings and questionings through my work and because of that, I believe it is alive… . I like that the spectator discovers slowly the details, stories minutiae that I create and try to impregnate within my works ”



International exhibitions:


• “ARTEXPO New York”/EUA


• “XII Biennale d´Arte Internazionale di Roma “ Sale del Bramante - Roma/Itália, 2º Prêmio na categoria de Pintura

• “ARTEXPO New York” / EUA

• “Contemporary Art Fest” - Consulado Brasileiro em Los Angeles/EUA

• “Pintores Brasileiros“ Castelo de Vide/Portugal

• “Salon International D´Art Contemporain” Paris/França

• “Spectrum Art” - Miami/ EUA


• “27ª Mostra Mercato d`Arte Moderna e Contemporânea di Pádova”/ Itália, tendo sido selecionada a participar do Art Talent Show

• “Premio Villa d`Este”, Collettiva Artisti Brasiliani em Tívoli, Roma /Itália. 1º Prêmio em pintura



• “Contemporary Brazil & Baroque Roots”, exposição coletiva na sede das Nações Unidas em Nova York /Estados Unidos 



• “Société Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris” París – França


•“San Paolo/Milano - Cittá Sorelle”, coletiva na Mostra D´Arte Contemporânea em Milão/Itália.



Nationals exhibitions:


• “Metáforas de sentimentos” - Exposição Individual no Circolo Italiano di San Paolo/SP

• “Metáforas de sentimentos” - Exposição Individual no Conselho Regional de Contabilidade no Estado de São Paulo - CRCSP


• “ Impulsos criativos” - Exposição Individual na Prefeitura da cidade de Jaguariuna/SP

• “XXXVIII International Cultural Exchange of Art”, na Galeria de Arte Licia Simonetti, em Limeira/SP

• “VIII Salão Internacional de Artes Visuais na ALESP” - Assembléia Legislativa Estado São Paulo

• “ Encontros” no John Mabe- Espaço Arte e Cultura - São Paulo/SP

• “ São Paulo em Cores” na Casa de Portugal - São Paulo/SP • “Mottainai” no Memorial da América Latina - São Paulo/SP

• “XXXII Mostra de Arte da VIDA” - Casa de Apoio da Granja Viana no Centro Brasileiro Britânico São Paulo/SP

• “Arte, Esporte e Solidariedade”, coletiva no Espaço Paulista de Arte - São Paulo/SP


• “Metáforas de Sentimentos”- Individual na Galeria Spazio Surreale - São Paulo/SP

• “Coletiva na Assembléia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo” - Primeiro Prêmio 

• “Universos Cromáticos” - coletiva na Inn Gallery São Paulo/SP

• “ Valorizando a Arte” - coletiva na Assembléia Legislativa Estado de São Paulo


• “Entre o saber e o criar”, coletiva na Galeria Spazio Surreale - São Paulo/SP

• “Diferentes formas” - coletiva no Espaço EPIX- São Paulo/SP

• “Conexão da Arte”- coletiva no Espaço EPIX - São Paulo/SP

• “Incontri D´Arte" - coletiva na Galeria Spazio Surreale – São Paulo/SP


• ”Abstrato e/ou Figurativo" - coletiva no Espaço Decorart - São Paulo/SP


• “2º Salão de Outono da América Latina”, coletiva no Memorial da América Latina

• “ Esporte e Arte” - Coletiva Internacional no Espacio Uruguay do Banco de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay - São Paulo/SP

• “ Diálogo entre 4 linguagens Artísticas”- coletiva no Blue Tree Premium- São Paulo/SP


• “ Art D - 1”- coletiva no Espaço Conceito 507- São Paulo/SP

• “ Exposição da Galeria Mali Villas Bôas” na Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi- São Paulo/SP

• “ Arte Profana e Sagrada”- no Art Inside Piola Jardins- São Paulo/SP


• “Candido Portinari – vida e obra”,coletiva SABINA - Centro do Saber e Conhecimento da Prefeitura Santo André/SP

• “ A Arte de hoje” - coletiva na Galeria de arte do AABB São Paulo

• “ Projeto Cultural Café Jornal “- coletiva da Galeria Mali Villas Bôas- São Paulo/SP

• “ Na Rota da Arte”- coletiva no Clube Pinheiros - São Paulo/SP


• “Salão Internacional Luso Brasileiro Artes 2011”, na Casa de Portugal - São Paulo/SP

• “Salão de Arte Contemporânea”, coletiva na Galeria Mali Villas-Bôas - São Paulo/SP

• “Arte Contemporânea”, coletiva da Galeria Mali Villas-Bôas no Clube Pinheiros - São Paulo/SP

• “Salão de Artes Plásticas da ABACH”, coletiva no Clube Paineiras do Morumbi - São Paulo/SP

• “Salão Consciência do Meio Ambiente”, coletiva no Espaço Cultural do Palácio do Buriti, em Brasília/DF.(obra catalogada)

• “Águas de Março”, coletiva no Centro Cultural Martha Watt, em Piracicaba/SP

• “VI Salão de Verão”, coletiva na Galeria Mali Villas Bôas - São Paulo/SP

• “VIII Salão Meio Ambiente”, coletiva no Forte de Copacabana - Rio Janeiro/RJ

• “2º Salão de Artes Plásticas”- coletiva no Museu Histórico do Exército e Forte de Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro/RJ- premio medalha de ouro

• “XX SABBART-Salão Brasileiro de Belas Artes de Ribeirão Preto” /SP

• “Exposição Coletiva” em parceria com Academia Brasileira de Arte Cultura e História e o club Paineiras Morumby - São Paulo/SP


• “III Salão de Artes Plásticas de S. José do Rio Preto” São Paulo

• “III Salão Nacional de Artes”, coletiva na ADESG do Rio de Janeiro/RJ

• “Virada Cultural “ - coletiva na galeria Monalisa - Curitiba / PR


• “Salão de Artes Plásticas da AASA”, São Paulo/SP

• “IX Salão Bienal de Artes Plásticas de Santo Amaro”, coletiva no Clube Paineiras no Morumbi –São Paulo/SP.


Fatima Marques


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